Our products are manufactured either in North Carolina, USA or Riga, Latvia depending on where the order is placed.

All regular orders are produced within 3-5 business days. Custom products does take more to produce and we’ll let you know how long it would take.

Shipping prices will vary based on the items and shipping location.

Please note that customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, brokerage fees, etc.) may apply for your shipments. Contact your local customs office for additional info.

International shipments are generally subject to Customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, brokerage fees, etc.).

These costs are not included in the shipping charges and are your responsibility. We do not issue any refunds for customs fees and shipping.

We do not have a way of estimating customs fees, taxes, duties, etc. And we do not have control over the customs authorities in your country, so if you have specific questions about those charges, please, contact your local Customs office for additional information.

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